Mobility Assistance

Oftentimes, elderly or disabled adults have difficulties with movement, both personal and in the community. Most of the time, they’re unable to drive, and they may use mobility aids such as a cane or a wheelchair, making it more difficult and dangerous to move around, both in their home and outside. The sunshine in Hillsborough County is nationally renowned, but many elderly people end up having to stay at home, missing out on some of the best parts of their surroundings. Aegean Home Health Care ensures all its Caregivers are able to help seniors stay safe while also providing them with opportunities in Tampa that they may not be able to access otherwise.

Falls are the number one cause of injury, hospital visits due to trauma, and death from an injury among people age 65 and older.  It is estimated that one in four older adults falls each year. Aegean Home Care trains Caregivers to be able to prevent falls and assist seniors with their mobility aids. In the case of falls, they’re able to provide help immediately, which may not happen if no one else is living with the senior. In addition, they can help with transport to and from medical appointments and community events, as well as accompany them to less formal places, like parks and shopping centers. This allows seniors to be involved in their community and do other fun activities in the Tampa, Florida area without issues that frequently arise in unreliable transportation.